The Shocking Truth about Cider some Producers don’t want you to know

Some Commercial Cider contains very little apple and more sugar than cola. In Switzerland, this particular popular brand is not even allowed to be called Cider. *figures per 100ml
One well-known Swedish producer* even boasts about the quality of the water in their cider rather than the quality of the apples. This may be because when made at scale, the cider is often produced from apple concentrate rather than fresh apples. Another point worth noting is that Cider is not brewed but made (that's one for another day). *Rekorderlig
chalkdown cider
Chalkdown Cider is one producer who mentions the vintage on the bottles. With different climatic conditions impacting the fruit crop, each year is a little different.



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I’m mainly going to talk about Cider, however there may be times where I would feel compelled to write on another topic.