The Craft Conjecture

  1. an activity involving skill in making things by hand.
  2. skill used in deceiving others.
Pressing the apples by hand — is this true craft?
Premium is one of the top words to be branded on products that are anything but premium. Often, the only premium is the price.
Moose — a Thai Cider brand from Siam Winery Family, the same family as Red Bull, have since dropped the “Craft” label from their Cider brand.
Dunkertons make some fantastic Cider, and could well be known as a craft producer, albeit one which utilises a variety of machines (on their scale it would be impossible not to) so as such the “hand” element is removed somewhat. In 2020 they came to market with their new cider, named “Craft”. What is it which is different about this cider from the rest of their range which does not carry the “craft” label?



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I’m mainly going to talk about Cider, however there may be times where I would feel compelled to write on another topic.