Cider is Cider

3 min readMay 16, 2021

The world of Cider is vast and contains many variations in style and taste, akin to Wine, perhaps an even broader spectrum exists with the fermented apple. As such, categories (in my humble opinion) should be tailored to helping you find the right Cider for you.

Many people are not aware of the diverse range of styles and tastes Cider can offer, often put off by a single taste of a poorly made low-quality Cider, forever afraid to dip a toe into the Cider universe again.

Unfortunately, Cider is often misunderstood and incorrect classification is a big factor in this.

Cider is not Beer, Cider is not Wine, Cider is not a spirit, alcopop, or mixer. Cider is Cider.

A quick Cider making lesson (very brief, we’ll cover this in more detail in another post):

Take apples, squeeze out the juice, ferment (with yeast), wait, enjoy.

For those familiar with Wine or Beer making, this is essentially the same method used with grapes to make Wine, and certainly not like the Beer making process.

As a consumer, there is a trust placed with a retailer and as such, it is then the responsibility of the retailer to correctly market their products.

After a little research into the Swiss Cider market online, I came across a few examples of how Cider is currently being marketed.

(Disclaimer: I have also seen similar examples in many other markets, however for now I have focused only on Swiss retailers, some you may recognize.)

Here are some of my findings as to how Cider is currently being sold:

1. Cider is not a sub-category of beer.

2. There are specific Cider review sites or review sites that do not specify their drink, untapped for example, and although it is good to review your Cider, listing Cider as a “beer style” is just wrong.

3. These next two shots are from the same site. Firstly, Cider is not listed as a drinks category. This would immediately make me think that there was no Cider to be found here. I did note that other equally, or arguably more, niche drinks do have their own category.

Cider is however sold on this site, and some good Cider too, however, it is classed as beer. As said before, Cider is not beer.

4. This is starting to get better, however, Cider here is sharing the stage with beer leading to possible confusion.

5. Again, going in the right direction, however, why is Cider bundled with Sake?

6. This however is a better example, where Cider rightfully has its own place on the main navigation.

Do you also have an opinion on how Cider should be marketed? Do you care?

Do you trust retailers who compare Cider to Beer, or even worse call it Cider Beer?

It would be great to hear your thoughts.

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